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There are no balloons to shoot and you’ll find no cartoony figures cracking corny jokes about the temperature, weight or age of your brain. No, “PQ2” takes itself seriously (note the austere graphics and the cool, clean techno music) and it offers up some seriously brain-bending puzzles.
Like the original “Practical Intelligence Quotient,” “PQ2’s” puzzles take the shape of three-dimensional mazes (more than 200 of them). Inside the maze, you must maneuver your avatar from point A to point B in as few moves as possible and as quickly as possible. But since your avatar can only step up and down one level, you’ll have to figure out how to get over and around obstacles by moving various boxes, manipulating pressure pads and using teleportation portals, among other things.
“PQ2” claims that your ability to solve these puzzles tests your logic skills and says something about your ability to apply your intelligence in real world scenarios. gives you a score not unlike a standard IQ test with an average score being 100.
What I think this game really says about me is that if I was a rat in a maze I’d never find my way to the cheese. I’m embarrassed to report that “PQ2” ranked me at a below average 80.
But even if “PQ2” gave me a low score, I’ll give it a high one. Not only does this game have several different testing modes (a 100 Puzzle Test, a Quick Test and various Theme Tests) what makes “PQ2” especially cool is that it allows players to create their own 3D puzzles to share with other players.
And as poorly as I ranked, the more I played it the better I did. After a few rounds of “PQ2,” I  made my way up to a hard-earned and not-so-humiliating score of 103. In Free Online Math Games ,” I warmed my way up to Red Hot ranking of 83 degrees. And after playing “Big Brain Academy” a few times, I managed to weigh in at 1030 grams.
Whether Cool Math Games are bulking up my brain…who knows. Still though, it’s nice to feel a little bit smarter than when I started.